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Gay robot who does comics with nonhuman characters. Pages in "You Died: An Anthology of the Afterlife". Community manager @GalaxyDevZone.

YOU DIED: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE AFTERLIFE. Phosphorescent skeleton cover stamped with dripping, blood-red flowers.
HIVE MIND. Comic page of a crowd of robots in a shadowy laboratory. They surround a dead woman, laid to rest in a circle of grass.

Hey, so an anthology I participated in – YOU DIED: AN ANTHOLOGY OF THE AFTERLIFE – is nominated for a Ringo! It's a comics industry award where winners are determined by vote from other comic professionals. I worked on my story – Hive Mind – with Dani Colman (writing & lettering) and Andrea Purcell (editing).

YOU DIED is an anthology about death and death positivity. Hive Mind is about a group of robots who must figure out what to do after their creator dies. If you want to read it, you can check out the book here via Iron Circus Comics. We're nominated under "Best Anthology", along with other cool stuff.

Voting for the Ringos is open until September 28th. If you are a ✨ comics professional ✨ (self-publishing counts, afaik), consider giving us a vote! 🖤

DEVIL TALE, by Maddie Kathleen. A comic cover with a little girl in rags charging into a sandstone cave, her sister right behind her.
HIVE MIND: script & lettering by Dani Colman. Inks & lettering by Maddie Kathleen. An intro page to a comic about robots in an underground laboratory.
A snippet of a comic with a cyclops child bleeding toxic static. Image text: but then why do i feel so ...
THREE LITTLE PIGS, by Maddie McQuinn. A comic cover of three guinea pigs packed into a plastic pail.

My name is Cy, or Maddie; I do comic art, writing, and illustration with nonhuman characters. I love sci-fi fantasy with a moody edge, and also cute or cool creatures! In addition to comics, I do freelance work for video and tabletop games, and have done asset/concept work on card decks, AR, and action-adventure stuff. Plus book cover design, package design, and other projects.

Should be posting more art, so, follow me for more of the above!

Also, I run @GalaxyDevZone, a discord server for gender-/sex-marginalized game devs, along with @morningstar, @wori-works, @Spookybot, @bloodmachine, and @ellisdex! We'd like to platform more people's games, and help other gender-/sex-marginalized devs find each other. If you're a dev dealing with Gender Stuff, consider checking us out!

Glad to be here and to be free at last 👻