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disabled autistic, genderfluid transfem, plural system of many gay little PKMNs, dabbles in game dev, music, writing, art.

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you're never too old to become your true self!

Monday was a baaad mental health day for us, so we went into the Saul finale sort of thinking "what the hell are we doing to ourselves here"… what a final unexpected joy to come out of it instead with the feeling of "damn, I needed to see that today of all days."

"Spiritually rejuvenating" is not a phrase I think I could call any other single episode of either series, even counting El Camino (though I guess its ending comes in second place). But that end to Jimmy's character arc was… healing, I think.

FULL SPOILERS after the break.

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Hi! We're the Harmony Friends, an adaptive plural system of a bunch of gay little PKMNs and adjacent critters. We live in an autistic CPTSD-survivor mind and a disabled transfem body. We're genderfluid lesbians doing our best to take care of ourselves one day at a time.

In addition to cohost, we also post on several Twitter accounts — our main group account managed by 🎀Melody is @​sylveon_and_co.

We have a blurry, scrambly brain, so expect us to use I/me and we/us interchangeably to refer to our collective. We'll let you know when someone specific is talking to you with intent, but when speaking off the cuff we often don't bother identifying ourselves; there are many more of us than listed here, and the majority of us don't even have individual names.

Individual bios after the break! We would love it if you read before you followed so you can get to know us.

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