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disabled autistic, genderfluid transfem, plural system of many gay little PKMNs, dabbles in game dev, music, writing, art.

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you're never too old to become your true self!

Monday was a baaad mental health day for us, so we went into the Saul finale sort of thinking "what the hell are we doing to ourselves here"… what a final unexpected joy to come out of it instead with the feeling of "damn, I needed to see that today of all days."

"Spiritually rejuvenating" is not a phrase I think I could call any other single episode of either series, even counting El Camino (though I guess its ending comes in second place). But that end to Jimmy's character arc was… healing, I think.

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Hi! We're the Harmony Friends, an adaptive plural system of a bunch of gay little PKMNs and adjacent critters. We live in an autistic CPTSD-survivor mind and a disabled transfem body. We're genderfluid lesbians doing our best to take care of ourselves one day at a time.

In addition to cohost, we also post on several Twitter accounts — our main group account managed by 🎀Melody is @​sylveon_and_co.

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