✨Harmony Friends✨



disabled autistic, genderfluid transfem, plural system of many gay little PKMNs, dabbles in game dev, music, writing, art.

check out our introduction post for our bios, typical schedule, and a reference to what our silly emojis mean!

you're never too old to become your true self!

Hi! We're the Harmony Friends, an adaptive plural system of a bunch of gay little PKMNs and adjacent critters. We live in an autistic CPTSD-survivor mind and a disabled transfem body. We're genderfluid lesbians doing our best to take care of ourselves one day at a time.

In addition to cohost, we also post on several Twitter accounts — our main group account managed by 🎀Melody is @​sylveon_and_co.

Individual bios after the break! We would love it if you read before you followed so you can get to know us.

Friend bios!

🌊Dissy · it/she · Vaporeon

=w= weh!
im dissy dissonance, the shitposty gremlin hinch.
i like eating and sleeping and vibing.
unapologetically a creature in all ways.
the coconut gun rap was my handiwork.

Fronts most often on Sundays.
Dissy has its own Twitter account that doubles as our 21+ alt, @​vaporeon_irl.

💙/🔷Rory · he/it/she ·
🔶/🧡Aurora · she/it/he ·
Umbreon, human, etc.

Lesbian boygirl girlboy. And a genderfluid shapeshifter, so that's pretty cool. And being a part-time Trainer is a useful skill to have in a system like ours. 🌟Mara tried to write a story about my life, but then I turned real; oops.

His emojis shapeshift with her — color is gender alignment, shape means human (diamond) or nonhuman (heart).
Default forms (💙, 🔶) pictured.
Forms a subsystem with 🌟Mara (next bio); they call themselves "two sides of the same coin".
The 💞Stella subsystem is its partner and they will often front together.
Fronts most often on Mondays.

🌟Mara · she/it · Kirlia

I'm a creative artist who is trying to grow smaller. I used to have some overly huge ambitions, but I'm learning to let go of that and my perfectionism a little bit at a time. I love making art with my headmates and friends!

Fronts most often on Tuesdays.

👻Fate · she/it · Gengar-Clefable

I'm the ghost of human-ness that lives inside our Sylveon-ness, if that, uh, makes any sense. I'm pretty aight, I guess. Right now I wanna learn to rage less at hard games.

The one non-Sylveon member of 💞Stella, our Sylveon subsystem.
Fronts most often on Wednesdays.

🎀Melody · it/she · Sylveon

They like to see me as a leader, but I see myself as more of a mascot!
Originally I played the role of an "imaginary friend" in childhood… we lost contact for 18 years before they rediscovered me, and I turned out to be so much more than I realized.

Main front of 💞Stella.
Fronts most often on Thursdays.

💫Stardust · it only · Sylveon

wawawawawawawawawa bbbbbbbb wawawawa

💞Stella bapy.

💠Rhythm · it only · Sylveon

Rhythm is the hard otherkin part of 💞Stella, and the one member with a subtle masc lean.
It doesn't want to write a bio right now, but it will eventually.

💠Rhythm and 💫Stardust both front most often on Fridays.

The 💞Stella subsystem has its own Twitter account, @​sylveon_irl.

⚡Amity · any/all · Ampharos

Hi ! I'm A Big Old Friend With Big Old Hugs . You Could Call Me An Emotional Support Ampharos ! We Like To Pretend I Live Inside A Plushie ; It's Super Fun For An Aroace Cuddle Fiend Like Me . I'm Here For My Friends, Especially My Lifelong Bestie 💞Stella !! palulu~

Only fronts occasionally.

🐍Serafina · it/she · Serperior

I'm 🔷Rory's lifelong best friend and companion. I've got calming vibes. My small existence is something I enjoy immensely and am proud of.

Fronts irregularly.

🐦Eri · she/it · Latias

I'm an old part of the shell. I played a critical role in both erecting our system's dissociative barriers and in beginning to dismantle them. I take mental health very seriously and like to talk about such matters.

Fronts irregularly.
Runs our mental health/plurality discussion Twitter alt, @​LettersFromEri.

🐚Shelly · she/it · abstract

Our system has something we call a shell — a singlet identity that is technically always in the front and we have to front through.
It formed to abstract us, blur our memories together, and protect us from the knowledge that we were a system.
Shelly is the autopilot consciousness that lives in the shell. Having to let herself go to allow us to front through her is difficult but she is doing her best.
Eri and her are old friends and will often front together.

🌺Nene · she/it · Palmon

im a grump leave me alone

Nene is a grump. Despite her request to be left alone, she does intend to post here sometimes, and probably doesn't actually want to be left alone when she posts.
Only fronts occasionally.

There are more of us, but these are the members of our system currently willing to introduce themselves!

More about us!

As a group, please call us [the] Harmony Friends [system], or even just Harmony. Plural they/them.

Or, hell, you can just still call us Hinchy, that's fine — just know you're calling us by our last name! But that's how we got the nickname in the first place, so it's chill.

We are multidisciplinary digital creative artists who have done work in video games, music composition, arrangement, and production, video editing, writing, drawing and graphic design. We also are voiceover artists and streamers and cooks (oh my)! We are disabled, so we don't get to do a ton of that stuff, but we are learning how to make disabled creativity work for us.

Our video game special interests include Pokémon (duh), Sonic the Hedgehog, Metroid, and Ace Attorney. We loooove fangames!

Thanks to RedHeartPink for 🔶Aurora's wonderful art! (The rest of the art is by us).

For more us stuff, incl. our YouTube + Newgrounds, see our homepage, sylveon dot gay. Our portfolio is currently located on our old singlet identity's website; please check it out if you want, though!