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From the announcement, I was cautiously optimistic about this one. Square Enix RTS tactics game, what could go wrong? Ended up completing the demo and I have some thoughts, so let's just blurt them out here.

  1. Overall feeling having completed the demo: Underwhelmed

  2. I know it's just accepted at this point, but I am tired of Vaguely British being the go-to for English voice acting in these types of games. Just once I would want a game where the protagonists sound Vaguely Dutch.

  3. Cutscenes and exploration look pretty decent. This game probably doesn't have the budget for it to look any better and I think these parts are swell.

  4. As for combat, I could not tell what I was looking at. I really had to frantically search for context clues when selecting a character. This could totally be a consequence for playing in handheld mode on the Switch but it's frustrating nonetheless.

  5. There might be a good reason why folks prefer to play RTS games on a PC. The controls did not seem super intuitive and I kept flailing on buttons to find what I was looking for. I have also not played a RTS since Age of Mythology in like 2003, so this might be user incompetence.

  6. I liked being able to summon a big bahamut during battle but it looked very silly when the camera zoomed out to reveal all the action is taking place on a tiny little plateau, a la FF Tactics.

  7. The names are very silly but are also fun to say. Izelair Wigan, daughter of Zoruaq Wigan. Good shit.

  8. Gosh those missions are short. Hopefully later missions start to get more robust once you have to hang of the system but for the demo missions, it just felt like there was not much to do or accomplish.

So, this looks like one where I might let some reviews really influence mys decision on whether I jump right in or wait until it's $20 on sale next year. Need Harvestella and Valkyrie Elysium demos soon

Me: Hey Sir Paul McCartney, there's a new song called International Players Anthem and Big Boi mentions you!

Paul: That's cool man, does he rap about how good at music I am?

Me: ummm