Nire Bryce


naptime princess too sleepy for bed

WARNING: this is my standard error stream (stderr)


heads up, hEDS/chronic fatigue + ADHD

which means randomly very flaky.


Bringing shoulder pads back, now with Infrared IFF Flashers


--- I: Stats ---

'far left'.

a GF gf. 30 +/-2. Neurodiverse.


person with "Hot girl autism".


'non-functional programmer'.


Genderqueer. Trans. Plural.


decorated ace, in sexuality and in dogfights.


smoking joints, clicking joints, clicking heads.


--- II: Weaknesses ---

Dyslexia means I might completely misread your posts sometimes, apologies in advance.


object in mirror is smaller than they appear


Tips and Tricks

If you figure out how to left align in the profile, please tell me.



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