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Date2013-11-07 17:08:49
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Spidey thought
Hey Amy - just a couple of rando thoughts from 35,000 LAX-JFK:

  • A rising trend we see with Millennials are the really extreme forms of experiential exercise like Tough Mudder (a sort of filthy triathlon), the Color Run and even things like Hot Power Yoga, veganism etc. Millennials will often post "N.B.D." on their social media after doing it, as in No Big Deal, also known as the "humble brag"...…wondering if Spidey could get into that in some way....he's super athletic, bendy, strong, intense...and it's all NBD to him, of course.
  • EDM (electronic dance music) is the defining music for Millennials. Wondering if there's an EDM angle somewhere with Spidey? His movements are beautiful, would be awesome with a killer DJ behind it
  • Snapchat just launched a "story" functionality, which is sort of "day in the life of me" told in a series of snapchats that expire after 24 hours. It has a very VIP quality about it, since invitation only. Getting invited into Spidey's Snapchat circle would be huge, and very buzzworthy and cool.