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Hi! I'm an indie game designer from Brazil!

As you can probably guess I like talking about games, and I also post about my own game ideas and characters in my spare time!

I'm a game designer working in a small-ish indie studio (40 people or so, I think?) in Brazil! I have my own little side projects I work on in my spare time and have dreams of making a 3D Zelda-like game!

I'll be posting some concept sketches for characters related to that project and some other random gamedev stuff on the side (recently decided to switch from Unity Engine to Godot so that's an adventure by itself).

If that's your kinda thing, feel free to follow!

I'm not an Assassin's Creed fan but one of my best friends is and he dropped the series a good while ago starting with that Egypt one because he said it didn't really play or feel like AC anymore.

Yesterday Ubisoft announced Assassin's Creed Mirage, which apparently plays like a classic AC again and I'm really happy for my friend cause I know he'll be super excited to play a new one after so long, but I also feel kinda jealous because as a Zelda fan that hated BotW, it's been more than 10 years since the last traditional 3D Zelda and I doubt they'll ever do another one again 😔

Kinda wishing this thing won't be just Marvel and Star Wars games (nothing against those, I just really want some actual Disney games lol), but I'm not too hopeful. Give me an Epic Mickey remake or something, that'd be fun.