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I think the things that I make are great *because* I have no clue what I'm doing. Unfortunately knowing what you're doing means you can make things a lot faster so I'm still gonna try to figure it all out.


music tag


finishing up a song and I’m probably calling it SOS simply because the melody is really close to the actual morse code of SOS. however. it is not actually SOS. it is just very close. and so now i have the dilemma of whether or not I want to make the melody sound worse so that it actually spells SOS

i am just downright fiending for more time to do music as of late. like i would've never imagined i'd say this but mixing n mastering is genuinely really fun, especially now that my experience with it is starting to seep into how i do sound design as well. schoolwork can wait just let me get my grubby little hands all over the daw please