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an edited photo of the korean magpie wearing a party hat with a pattern of eggbugs. there is also an eggbug on the ground

i wouldnt usually ask for anything but it is my website and i do what i want so:

i would love it if you subscribed to cohost Plus! today! :host-plead:

this is genuinely the best job i've ever had and i would really like it to keep existing. working at assc has been a dream come true; i love my coworkers, i love our little website, and i love eggbug. :host-love: Subscribing to cohost Plus! literally keeps eggbug fed and the site running- our company is run like a good old fashioned small business, with a good old fashioned small business loan and some good old fashioned elbow grease.

just five human dollars a month gets you those INCREDIBLE host emoji, but more importantly, supports independent social media that's not profiting off your exploitation. even JUST since launch, we've shipped:

  • alt text
  • gif pausing
  • low animation mode
  • user and tag search

folks, it's been a month, and jae was out sick with covid for half of it! That's an incredible ship rate! We've also fixed a ton of bugs and made changes to the adult content warning system based on feedback from y'all. I get to brag about this because i'm not an engineer; i cannot express enough just how hard jae and colin have been crushing code. i just answer tickets and make website pretty. At our core, we just want to create a sustainable site made with love and healthy labor practices.

idk folks im just really proud of this little eggbug playground. i hope you like it too.

:host-love: aidan

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