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A Tandy Model 100 portable computer, equipped with a modern flash drive, running MFORTH

Finally got myself a Backpack Drive, so it's time for Forth ... on the Model 100! This Model T is a full on restomod now, with original yellow patina!

  • Upgraded the RAM to a full 32K
  • Swapped the dying internal lithium for a fresh modern cell
  • Installed a REX# for additional bank-switchable RAM and Option ROM
  • A Backpack Drive made right here in Missouri for external drive storage via TS-DOS-compatible removable SD card storage!
  • And finally because I'm on a weird concatenative kick lately, loaded up MFORTH

Please excuse the terrible view of the screen; it is a nightmare to try and photograph from basically any angle.

I originally got this mainly because I always wanted one, but now that I actually have transferable storage maybe I'll actually do some writing on it! I did a little BBS tinkering earlier in the year with my Wimodem232 but with only a 40x16 screen it's kinda limited in what it can do as a terminal, and hardware quirks made it useless for file transfers.