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Hi I'm Dana, I mostly just tool around with friends, play RPGs, and listen to podcasts, but I've also been known to make podcasts at SuperIdols! RPG and I've written a couple of short rpgs at my itch page and on twitter.


Now that I'm off my chain and you're all vulnerable, I'm going to tag my own posts with the "Dana Chosts" tag. You can also follow my zero-knowledge journey through 80 Days as part of the 80 Days in 80 Days Race at "80 Danas". I am the coffee cup on the shared map ☕

I know a lot of people, using a website that's gotten shittier over time, say things to me like 'man, I would pay for this to just work the way it should.' It's often things like five bucks a month for twitter or a tenner to make tumblr behave the way it used to, stuff like that.

Well, Cohost works the way it's meant to and part of why is because some folk are paying for it with Cohost Plus. I"m using Cohost Plus, and every post I get to see on Cohost is an absolute banger. Are these two things related? You can't prove they're not.

a photo of Astra's nails done in colors like a sunset. their hand holds a makeup sponge with those colors on it.

"end of summer sunset" nails. three dusky colors and a little bit of sparkle for stars.

people like to ask me how i do my nails!! i really, really like gradients. they're very gender. so when i saw ombre nails back a few years ago, i needed it. i use The Sponge Method. it's roughly this:

  • get one of those wedge-shaped makeup sponges
  • get colors that look cool together (make sure the polishes are of similar consistency. this doesn't work if one is way thinner than the other)
  • do a base coat, if you can. this is layered in a way that can flake off.
  • optional*: get something to cover the non-nail part of your fingers, like that paint-on latex stuff, or tape, or whatever adhesive skin protectors there are. this can get messy.

* this isn't super important if you're chill with your fingertips being dramatic/messy, because the stuff that gets on your skin will flake off within a couple days. the bits that are left around my nails in the photo is what's left after a day. it'll probably be all gone by tomorrow

  • paint a stripe of each color on the sponge
  • dab the sponge on one of your nails. dab it more. dab dab dab. move it around ever so slightly so the colors mix a little, and get it all over your nail. you can squeeze it in a bit.
  • it will be really thin, but we're going to do a bunch of thin coats like this
  • repeat with the next nail. keep going.
  • do them all again, because by now they've probably dried
  • three coats is usually good for me, but it depends on the lacquer
  • put a shiny top coat on it. you can actually do whatever you want on top, but it needs a shiny finish to look its best (imho)


  • if you mess something up, you can usually cover it on the next coat
  • get a new sponge if the colors get too mixed up
  • for some reason, Essie works best for me, but i've had a lot of luck with others