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Hi I'm Dana, I mostly just tool around with friends, play RPGs, and listen to podcasts, but I've also been known to make podcasts at SuperIdols! RPG and I've written a couple of short rpgs at my itch page and on twitter.


Now that I'm off my chain and you're all vulnerable, I'm going to tag my own posts with the "Dana Chosts" tag. You can also follow my zero-knowledge journey through 80 Days as part of the 80 Days in 80 Days Race at "80 Danas". I am the coffee cup on the shared map ☕

there are so many chests in video games but so few in real life. we have dressers and shelves and cabinets and lockers but no goddamn chests. we need to rise up. we need large, rectangular chests in the center of rooms, storing perhaps one or two of our most valuable objects, and we need them NOW. this is the only way we can save america

I've got a steamer trunk we're using as a low sidetable next to the couch but it's just not the same tbh.

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