cass and rose


cohost's resident subway chicks

white, twenty, plural, disabled, queer. my sister is @yrgirlkv! i write things and ride trains and read stories.

i also run a trans furry discord server! you don't have to be either of those things to join, but, y'know, that's the general demographic.

due to a Recent Incident that shall not be spoken of here, it has become evident that when comment threads reach a certain number of "replies," they get harder and harder to read, until ultimately they go OFF THE CANVAS and cannot be read anymore.

now. you might be tempted to believe this is some manner of "bug" or "oopsie" and ask grand master egged bug to "fix" it.

however, consider:

it is anti-argument css. no yelling allowed

in fact it should display this instead when you try to reply. but with like a funny little edit of egg bug in there

thank you for coming to my Egg Talk.

still working on that sotn review but why not add another longchost to my list of... jeez, four i'm working on now? i'm gonna make a short history of/introduction to the twee pop genre. because that sounds fun

coffee stresses me out for an entire day, generally makes me queasy, and makes it difficult to do things past the initial rush of energy. however, it's tasty and beneficial to me for the first couple hours, so who can say if it's bad or not