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The next edition of Songs for the Dusk, the post-apocalyptic science-fantasy tabletop RPG about building a better future, is LIVE now! The cover of SONGS FOR THE DUSK, by Kavita Poduri, featuring a pastel-palette illustration of four figures watching over a distant valley with a number of soldiers in it.

What's Songs?

Songs for the Dusk is a Forged in the Dark tabletop game set centuries after the fall of Earth as we know it and the rise of a new set of societies on our planet. In the world of Songs, ancient and advanced technologies collide and coexist with new forms of supernatural power. In Songs, you play striders, adventurers who strive to make the world a better place and to help other people survive the beautiful and dangerous new world they live in.

What are the kinds of characters I can play?

So glad you asked! Please enjoy the AEGIS and CHARTER, two of the seven playbooks that are currently a part of Songs. (You may need to open in a new tab to read these properly.)

A screencap of the AEGIS playbook, described as a resolute protector, with a number of abilities related to defensive combat. A screencap of the CHARTER playbook, described as a thoughtful planner and coordinator, with a number of abilities related to enhancing teamwork.

What are the kinds of TEAMS that WE can play?

Again, very glad you asked! Here are two of the five crews in Songs.

A screencap of the AUGURS crew, described as scientists and explorers, with a number of abilities related to investigation and magical forces. A screencap of the RANGERS crew, described scouts and defenders, with a number of abilities related to combat.

What's in v0.6?

A lot of things! v0.6 includes:

  • book layout!
  • maps for every region of Tamaris, including landmarks, all by the inimitable @dancynrew
  • full-featured factions for every region
  • the integration of Clockwork crafting
  • and more!
A map of TAMARIS, the setting of Songs for the Dusk, with seven regions labeled. From north to south, approximate: CORUNDUM (aka THE RED EMPIRE), PINELOCKE, THE MERIDIAN VALLEY, SERAFIN, MALVAROSE, ACANTHIA, THE STARFIRE PELAGIC.

I'm so so so excited to finally have this version out to the public — I really, really hope you give it a shot, and I'd love to hear what you think.


If you are trans and the price point is an issue for you, please feel free to DM @songsforthedusk on the Bad Website or to email the game at [email protected], and I'll set you up with a free copy.