cass and rose


cohost's resident subway chicks

white, twenty, plural, disabled, queer. my sister is @yrgirlkv! i write things and ride trains and read stories.

i also run a trans furry discord server! you don't have to be either of those things to join, but, y'know, that's the general demographic.

a copy of the death and life of great american cities by jane jacobs

finally made it back to the library after spending all of this year so far either not reading or reading stuff i bought or had given to me. my local library at my new apartment is now the los angeles central library, which i thought would be cool but is actually kind of weird. weird bigass building with too many cops in it.

a picture of the front cover of the death and life of american cities by jane jacobs

this book is great!!! it's a bit dense but it's really great reading, especially when sitting in like a city park. i actually carry it with me to flip through when i'm sitting outside somewhere.