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I'm Cory, into vintage computers (Macs in particular), writing, music and minidisc, retro alt-futurism, trains, Internet nationalization, among other things.

hello friends,

i've been chatting with the great folks on the discord (say hi to me if you pop in!) and am starting to noodle on some stuff for a minidisc buyer's guide, which I'm going to post on the excellent as an adjunct/supplement to the Getting Started Guide. (there's already a starter draft on another page, a few of us are working on this together/in turns)

does anybody have any specific questions or confusions or things they think would be worth outlining?

Here's a cheap and easy one: How do you record a MiniDisc if it's somewhere between the years of, say, 1998 and 2002 and your music is on a computer but NetMD hasn't been launched yet?

Strap in, because we're about to look briefly at some history and context. (I apologize so much, total read on this is 1312 words.)

TL;DR Sony sold a pack-in USB TOSLINK sound card for a couple of years, and then stopped the instant NetMD launched.

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no essayposting post yet this week. i bought a new video game and have been enthralled.

on a general note, posts will probably slow down a bit over the next few months, just due to nanowrimo and then general winter malaise.

i have some drafts in flight but i'm not happy with where they are. one of the things I've been trying to do for cohost in particular is get better at conveying things in a reasonable length, without things getting overly clinical.

got something i'm happy with, gonna read it tomorrow and make sure it makes sense. i think at over 1300 words total this'll be my longest one so far. i tried very hard to tighten up some phrasing but this is one of those things that i'm having trouble condensing, with the exception of taking it down to a single sentence, which i also don't want to do

PLEASE stop doing this thing where you hide the scroll bar when it's not being used, or make it invisible, or super thin and difficult to see.

as an example of this, i just upgraded to firefox 102.3esr, and they pushed out a user interface change where the scroll bar is hidden until you mouse over it, unless you dig through the mountains of settings to find the new checkbox they added (under the confusingly named "browsing" section).

the scrollbar being there is not an outdated relic of the past. it is a ACCESSIBILITY tool, that people like me rely on in order to scroll through web pages. i rely on an eye tracker because of wrist+hand disabilities, and clicking on the scroll bar remains the easiest way for me to navigate a web page.

and when i do use a physical pointing device for input, i can't even use a scroll wheel, that's just not an option for me due to chronic wrist pain. i have to use the broad up and down motions of the scroll bar.

when you set the scroll bar to hide by default, or you make it super tiny and hard to click on or even see, it makes it so much more difficult for disabled people to use your app.

extremely tired of the wave after wave of bullshit graphic design fads that make developers think they have to change their user interfaces all the time, in particular when it leads to less accessible user interfaces. detrimental user interface tinkering is at best irritating, and at worst a accessibility problem, all in the name of chasing fad after fad of aesthetics.

this is a great post that I 100% agree with, and also as someone with Brain Problems I find myself looking at the scroll bar on web pages a lot for reassurance about how far through a particular long read I am, and hidden-by-default scroll bars are infuriating to me