i love my cat.

coming up with a new type of posting called npcposting. the goal is to sound like an npc in a town in like, pokemon or just any rpg. here i'll go first.

Have you talked with the mayor yet?

I love the view from this terrace. You can see the whole city.

I ran out of potions! It's a good thing the Potion Store's just up ahead.

Did you hear the rumours about the town south of here? I wouldn't go there if I were you!

I heard there are bandits in the forest south of town!

Headed towards the Old Monastery, are you? Take care. I heard there was some kind of trouble there recently.

Things haven't been the same since that cloaked figure arrived at court...

Every time we clear out a rat’s nest from the sewers, more come back!

Heh heh heh. My ring of teleporation is buried behind the third gravestone, nice and saf-
Oh, hello there! Have a good day!

My husband got a dog recently. It's so noisy, I wish he would just get rid of it already.

I heard that you should "save" frequently... but what does that mean?