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Pizza prepped in pan, not yet cooked, with cheese and pepperoni spread over it
Pepperoni pizza in the pan fresh out of the oven
Barbecue pizza with a sauce drizzle swirl
Slice of pepperoni bar pie with a glass of wine (should probably be beer but assume it's like a fancy bar)

What's this, weeknight pizza time?? You bet it is!

I pulled the dough balls out of the freezer that I had frozen from the last time I made bar/tavern style pizza; they worked really well being frozen, I'm definitely freezing half the batch in the future. Made the exact same pepperoni and barbecue pies, but I made sure and wiped some olive oil around the pans before loading in the dough - no sticking this time! Other than maybe leaving the pies in for another minute or two for some extra *crisp*, there's nothing I would change with these pies. Pretty solid for a Wednesday night meal 👍

Happy pizza night! 🍕

one of my favorite accounts on this site is this one, which chronicles the homemade pizzas that @chrismize makes every week. looking around a social media site and finding a pizza blog is something that hasn't really been possible since around 2012 or so and I'm super happy that it's no longer the case