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explanation + credits with apologies to @staff, i put bitsy on cohost

(i don't think it works on mobile, sorry!)

this was created using two svg files. one is simply a button, which contains a link to the other svg (that's positioned right behind it). this was achieved by uploading both images as drafts, and then grabbing their links

the second svg contains a bitsy game, which is fully interactable. svg files can run javascript, but not inline — in other words, the game only runs once the button opens it in a new window. as a side effect of this, the game-image would ordinarily be blank before launching... so i cheated it. what you're seeing on your dashboard is simply a screenshot of the game that i put inside the svg, and clear as soon as javascript runs

thanks to @ticky for inspiring this, and @nex3 for creating an eggbug svg! and thanks to adam ledoux for creating bitsy, as well as sean s. leblanc for his many hacks