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// i like javascript and im not sorry about it // occasionally a quasar or other celestial event // 33, genderweird //

things i do: make website, make game (none released), make word (also non released), play game (mostly big shooty game with O R B)

posts i made

<when i get the thing i'm putting it here>

every choster when they get activated:

get ready Shitheads i'm off my chain and you're all Vulnerable

their next chost:

so I've been playing the first animal crossing and since it's new to me i decided to write out all my feelings on it longform. this will be on a second account so follow forever-spring if you want to come along!

this is absolutely a compliment. everyone is having such an unironically normal one on here. i love it

cohost pride
"rehost if ur gay" -

every single time i see a rechost of this it sends me. the exact same amount every time. watching the css renderer get partway across the post and just trip over its own feet, drop its glass of water and start sobbing, not even trying to move from the exact crumpled position it landed in. full abandonment, no further effort. griffin mcelroy's voice from somewhere says "AWWW DAD. DAD I CAN'T"

this bug baffles me completely because there's absolutely no difference between the letters other than the specific coordiantes of the transformations. it really does just seem like Firefox's renderer gets tuckered out partway through and decides to throw in the towel