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// i like javascript and im not sorry about it // occasionally a quasar or other celestial event // 33, genderweird //

things i do: make website, make game (none released), make word (also non released), play game (mostly big shooty game with O R B)

posts i made

<when i get the thing i'm putting it here>

god i can't get over how absolutely stupid it is that we had to get a whole new website just to use italics, but also, how this keeps repeating

we had rich text before I was born. we have had standards for it since before I was born. and over and over and over, we got it, and then lost it. how many times did IM networks that supported rich text evaporate and leave us with less capable ones.

I had italics and working file transfer and images on AIM in like 1999, and then lost them for like 15 years until telegram finally brought them back.

and then i go over to discord and sending images is broken horseshit again where you can't view them fullscreen or zoom unless you open them in an external browser

computers weren't a mistake. it's been proven over and over that they can work. the problem is companies