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// i like javascript and im not sorry about it // occasionally a quasar or other celestial event // 33, genderweird //

things i do: make website, make game (none released), make word (also non released), play game (mostly big shooty game with O R B)

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<when i get the thing i'm putting it here>

cohost pride
"rehost if ur gay" -

every single time i see a rechost of this it sends me. the exact same amount every time. watching the css renderer get partway across the post and just trip over its own feet, drop its glass of water and start sobbing, not even trying to move from the exact crumpled position it landed in. full abandonment, no further effort. griffin mcelroy's voice from somewhere says "AWWW DAD. DAD I CAN'T"

this bug baffles me completely because there's absolutely no difference between the letters other than the specific coordiantes of the transformations. it really does just seem like Firefox's renderer gets tuckered out partway through and decides to throw in the towel

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@staff if you end up deciding to disable inline styles I think you should add an exception for older posts. let the cohost pride live on

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yeah we have discussed enabling there to exist multiple Eras of Posting so that posts from previous eras don't break when we inevitably have to block something to prevent misuse

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yeah I have absolutely zero idea why the first three letters render in firefox and the rest doesn't. it has exceeded my capacity for wacky CSS debugging

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I looked at it a bit and I'm no stranger to CSS but I'm absolutely baffled. The only thing I could come up with was "well, a few of these are a little exotic, but surely nothing that hasn't been used to death in an ISP gateway config page." the only explanation i have is that firefox just gets partway in and then has a reverend lovejoy "rock and or roll" moment. "hang on. co-cohost? and a rainbow? is this GAY"

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