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// i like javascript and im not sorry about it // occasionally a quasar or other celestial event // 33, genderweird //

things i do: make website, make game (none released), make word (also non released), play game (mostly big shooty game with O R B)

posts i made

<when i get the thing i'm putting it here>

every choster when they get activated:

get ready Shitheads i'm off my chain and you're all Vulnerable

their next chost:

so I've been playing the first animal crossing and since it's new to me i decided to write out all my feelings on it longform. this will be on a second account so follow forever-spring if you want to come along!

this is absolutely a compliment. everyone is having such an unironically normal one on here. i love it

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damn. and here I was thinking that KDE was cool enough to include one of the most tacky fonts in its distro by default :P

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everyone invited to the starter round was a Person of Posting Experience which helps a lot. they've already been through The Cycles and thus are walking untread ground

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