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Cryptids are animals that cryptozoologists believe may exist somewhere in the wild, but are not believed to exist by mainstream science.

From my understanding, cryptids tend to have supernatural abilities, canonically live in the human world, and are intentionally difficult to find.

NameSupernatural AbilitiesLast known location
SantaSuper speed, size modification through a gap no larger than a chimney, impossible strength, omnipresent sight, perfect sense of motiveNorth Pole
The GrinchFoul odor, able to live with only 1/4 of a normal sized heartNear Whoville
RudolphFlight, glowing red noseNorth Pole
Frosty the SnowmanSpeaks English, is animated snowNorth Pole
ShrekFoul odor, physical strength, extreme determination, fire-resistant, speaks EnglishFar Far Away
SonicSuper speed, unsatiable appetite, electricity, planeswalkingA baseball field
MarioPlaneswalking, fireballs, size modification, mind controlling hatThe moon
The groundhog from Groundhog DayControl of weatherPunxsutawney, Pennsylvania
The Travelocity gnomeSpeaks English, can move, can travel the worldCampbell Ewald HQ, Detroit MI
Mary PoppinsFlight, speech with animals, telekinesis, planeswalking, reality manipulation, animationThe sky
Cotton-Eye JoePrevents marriageUnknown

Just finished Gideon the Ninth, after receiving it over a year and a half ago as a holiday present. I had tried to get into it but couldn't find the time or motivation, and then moving across the country and starting a new job did not help with that.

Finally though, I got into a groove and managed to finish it. And what's more, I really enjoyed it and now I can just immediately go read the sequel.

Harrow the Ninth Paperback on a gray couch background

I got impatient and decided to bump this book up to the front of my list, and I bought it today. It was the last one left in the bookstore, which made me feel both relieved that I went when I did and validated that it's almost sold out from so many people in the area with good taste. Can't wait to read this and then get to read all the spoilered text about it across several Discord servers I'm in once I'm done

Minor spoilers for the prologue below

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I really enjoyed it! What a wild story. I have some (completely self-inflicted) regrets though:

  1. I did not read this book before Nona came out
  2. I therefore cannot go looking for fanart without fear of being spoiled for Nona
  3. I happened to get the paperbacks for Gideon and Harrow, and I don't want my books to stop matching by getting a hard cover for Nona, so I need to do one of the following:
  • hope a library nearby has it in soon
  • wait the better part of a year for Nona to come out in paperback
  • buy Nona multiple times