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The system is retribution.

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let's try leaving this online for a while with something a bit lower-stakes :)
#gif plays gbc


from Hell Labs


  • You should be able to see which buttons are being pressed overlaid on the console. Let's work together as best we can!
  • Don't spam buttons too quickly yourself! There's a rate-limit per user.
  • If you're using a Chromium-based browser, try clicking the speaker on the bottom-right of the GBC, and then the lone button at the top-left of the new tab.
  • Click the screen to save a screenshot. Show off your high score!
  • If things get weird or out of sync, try refreshing the page. If it's down, we'll try to get it back up as soon as we can!
  • No copyright intended.


  • The Act Against AIDS foundation
  • The anti-software software club and the cohost Markdown/CSS demoscene
  • Every one of you that decides to play with the little online toy we built

bug workaroundz

  • Clicking the buttons may stop the GIF depending on your browser (we've experienced this issue in Firefox and Safari). You can use the stand-alone page, which has a few workarounds we can't implement in a cohost post.

  • If you have difficulty using a mouse, the stand-alone page also has keyboard shortcuts (WASD/J/K/Tab/Enter is bound to D-pad/B/A/Select/Start).


  • Web server, GIF stream optimizations, emulator FFI bindings, incidental GIF animations, pro hacking, and Markdown/CSS @lifning
  • wasm GIF streaming player / misc. modern web tech wrangling, build support, codegen crimes, load testing utilities, service configuration, and metrics/event monitoring by @viv
  • Hand-crafted artisinal bespoke vector artwork (Atomic Purple GBC, cartridge) by @itsonlythee
  • Rust wisdom, load testing assistance, prod infrastructure, HTML filter haxx, and demogroup branding by @iliana
  • The developers of Gambatte, mGBA, Rocket, image-rs, tokio, and SDL2

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