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i work at a computer company and have debilitating adhd. longer intro

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it is truly incredible that, because of "fraud", the only way to send thousands of dollars at once to another person in america is to write a legal instrument with the magic words "Pay to the Order Of", their name, the amount, and the amount but in words, with your bank's number and account number along the bottom in a funny font

i need to read the Uniform Commerical Code again and see if i can get away with hand-drawing a check after using a printer to type the OCR account bits at the bottom

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The OCR font is completely superfluous. The Post Office has been OCRing hand-written ZIP codes with a 99% success rate since the 1980's. I'm sure in the forty years since then, technology has advanced at least to the point where we can reliable scan Helvetica.

But, I mean, banks still take a week to "clear" the transaction even though they can process it in milliseconds. So maybe it's not about what could be done, but just what has been done.