hi, my name is jenn schiffer

screenshot of a video of me years ago saying, matter-of-factly, "and I made a game because nobody asked to" but i roughly edited the caption to say "cohost" instead of "game"

  • current mood: 🙄
  • currently playing: youtube livestream of a box of hedgehogs (alive)

these days i am so bored it’s exhausting, perhaps in part because the month prior was a lot emotionally. it’s also become very tiring to try to rationalize why i feel so in the weeds all the time while all my feedback at work is about what a good job i am doing. i guess i am so burnt out that i am bored of it! maybe i have 3 brain cells instead of 2!

on friday i get my thyroid biopsy results. i am pretty confident the results will be good because i studied really hard the night before. my bloodwork results were 😘🤌 all thanks to my hard work over the past 9+ months!

is anyone planning on personally divesting from twitter once elon becomes owner? i would miss cyberbullying jason calacanis and being blocked by marc andreesen. also [golem voice] my developer tokensthhhhh

my online groceries didn’t get delivered as the app said they were and so i contacted support and they were not able to reach the driver! 30 minutes later, someone buzzed my door but left the bags outside. i think the driver left them at the wrong house and now i am nervous about consuming the food. anyway if i die, tell the feds to check the rest of the bialys.