hi, my name is jenn schiffer

screenshot of a video of me years ago saying, matter-of-factly, "and I made a game because nobody asked to" but i roughly edited the caption to say "cohost" instead of "game"

my friend died suddenly several days ago. it's been really hard and my body is sore from being so sad, but i did do the dishes today so that i could give pumagreg a fresh bowl of water. i filled the bowl with water but then drank it out of the bowl myself because i realized how much i needed water. i cleaned the bowl and refilled it for puma, as if i were to give him my cooties if i didn't clean it again - which is funny because last time i checked, he was the one who licked his own ass, not i. anyway, i'm not feeling whole, but at the very least i am feeling better and more hydrated than i was yesterday and, something, something, every day is a winding road.

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