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hey reverse engineers, we're deploying a minor change to the post creation API to fix some overly lenient input validation issues. this means that your code might just not work due to failing to meet the requirements (can't help you there) but there's a piece of previously valid behavior that no longer is. details behind the read more.

reminder that the API and use of it is not officially supported, but since there's bots with attachments now i wanted personally to give a heads up.

previously, when creating a post with a pending attachment block, we were setting the attachmentId to "". this is no longer permitted behavior, attachment ID MUST be a valid UUID, although it can be a nil UUID (00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000), which is what we are now doing. the error message you get when it's not a valid UUID actually tells you that, though, so that's good.

if this means nothing to you, don't worry about it. if you have questions, feel free to ask but know that i might not answer.

happy monday!

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