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hi. i can post now. i have a radical proposal: what if cohost was the google+ of 2022.

this is to say: what if this is the place for long form tabletop discussion? what if we had, idk, forged in the dark fridays. powered by the apocalypse pwednesdays. cohost is our oyster. our cohoyster? idk.

the point is, talking about RPGs on twitter feels unfun and awful; there's no room to get into the meat of stuff and it's not a place for long-form engagement because the pressure is constantly on to please the algorithm and get more eyes on your itch page. this could just be The Writecraft Zone (For Tabletop) and i think it would genuinely be a good time

I would even start posting more about ██████ if it did...

i have. An idea to use monsterhearts to make a ttrpg that is inspired by mythology/'mystery box' shows like LOST, Raised By Wolves, Severance, etc. Everyone is so mean to each other in that show so it really fits imo. My only hangup with this is the mythology side of it. I think probably the mystery mechanics should grow/follow from the players interests and maybe use the apocalypse world threat map/clocks. A weird shit map.

for true LOSTness the pcs would erase Conditions/burdens/stress/whatever by going out and interacting with the weirdness. Sawyer hunting the boar (or Locke doing anything), helly trying to get out of the office, Mother going into the matrix bed in raised by wolves.

maybe pcs can advance stuff by like "creating" flashbacks where they are revealing their own complex weird mythology about their exciting lives and using the detail helps them overcome obstacles "on the island" etc. like "oh i can overcome this challenge because i told my son i hate him once and im using that pain to solve this challenge". Already thinking about how this version or the "flashback" mechanic would work differently in a Severance-type setting where PCs are revealing details about their Outies, etc. just cute to think about but making the system that flexible is probably not actually mechanically doable...still...

I would want the game to systematize the feeling these "weird stuff is happening and Reddit Guys are connecting the dots" shows create where the mythology of the story has a push and pull between the sense that this is all connected and also the sense that its being made up on the spot to create drama and force the characters into fraught positions.

EG I could see something like "the hatch" in LOST being inserted by the GM as this thing catered to PC's like Jack and Locke thats designed to put them into conflict with one another. idk if any of this is possible but i was just thinking while some friends watch LOST for the first time that its dramatics have sooo much in common with the messy nasty teen behavior thats part of Monsterhearts, and how fun it would be to make a game where thats happening but also people are finding like a Creature

shocked that I can't really think of an RPG that hits this style of show, exactly.

i brood in the corner of the tavern. im silent and cool and wearing a hood. i have a ton of knives but no one can see them

I'm in the opposite corner and i don't have a hood, but my face is hidden by the (un)natural shadows that cut across the tavern. I am effortlessly sliding a coin between my knuckles, a demonstration of how smooth I am.

I'm the tavern musician playing a mysterious tune on my vielle, speaking of horrors unknown that none dare face yet. My tip jar is empty

i order another ale and drop my change into the bard’s tip jar out of embarrassed obligation. i get a little self conscious that i’m seemingly the only motherfucker in the room with an easily viewed face and pull my collar up a little.

i eat a big roast turkey leg sloppily delicious

I am drunk and loud and laughing and any moderately perceptive person will immediately detect that I am extremely uncomfortable and just want to be somewhere, anywhere else. Home, perhaps.

I am 8 ducks eating frozen peas from a bowl of icy water. I am absolutely hoovering these babies down, last meal style. What is a tavern

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