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  1. "random techno 172(118bpm) Polyend Tracker, Moog Grandmother, Bastl Softpop SP2, Thyme, Korg NTS-1", glenn clyatt

Does anyone remember "dub"? For a while in the early 00s we had this techno genre we called "dub", which was an annoying name because it was inspired by but not the same as dub reggae. Anyway this guy posts daily-ish synth doodles on YouTube and this particular one has strong dub vibes. Good energy here, starts chill and builds.

  1. "Cruel", Tori Amos

"Songs from the Choir Girl Hotel" had a markedly different style from basically every other Tori Amos release (she got a backup band, basically) in a way that Tori Amos herself did not actually seem to like, but wow, what a unique album. Each of the first 9 tracks is a standout in some way but "Cruel", a song which has no piano at all but anchors itself around incredibly dirty electric bass, has always been my favorite.

  1. "random noise 076 SOMA RoAT, NTS-1", glenn clyatt

This is two tracks by the same guy in one post I guess? Whatever. This is a good ominous ambient piece with the "Rumble of Ancient Times", SOMA's toy 8-bit synth, combined with Korg's DIY reverb filter. It's made from two improvised takes spliced together so it has a really good movement structure to it ("it's like listening to a real song!"). If you can listen to this on speakers with bass that's an amazing experience.

  1. "22 Minutes of Live Modular Techno \\ Verbos, Make Noise Easel, Pulsar 23", Raucous Studio

This is a live set of that hardkore classic 90s style four on the floor techno.

It's somewhat of note that it's being made with a collection of modern synths (like the Pulsar and Strega, to say nothing of the modular synth rack) that I associate more with noise/ambient, but rather than grabbing your attention the sculpted noises just integrate cleanly into the groove.


This is a super chill lo-fi hip hop beats track on the PO-12 and PO-33 toy synthesizers (a drum machine and a sampler). Soul singing chopped up into vaguely pleasant but entirely asemic syllabic soup.

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Okay. Do you have Criterion Channel? Because their October update is a doozy. Mostly the selection of cheesy 80s horror movies.

This is important: Have you ever enjoyed a Kyle MacLaughlan performance, ever? Because if so you really, really want to watch "The Hidden" (1987). No, don't look up what it's about. Just know it's extremely over the top and you want to watch it. If you don't trust me or don't have Criterion Channel, here is the trailer (also amazingly over the top). But it's one of those 2-minute 80s trailers that appears to contain the entire movie, so honestly you should just watch the real thing.

Some other things in the horror lineup I've never seen but caught my eye: Scanners, Prince of Darkness ("THIS IS NOT A DREAM... NOT A DREAM... WE ARE TRANSMITTING FROM YEAR 1 9 9 9..."), Tetsuo the Iron Man (!), "Cat People" (?!?), and both Dracula (1931) and Blacula (1972).

Also, not horror but another movie that went live on Criterion Channel today I sincerely believe you want to see: Deep Cover (1992), which has young Laurence Fishburne AND young Jeff Goldblum both at the most intense they've ever been. It's where that one Future Sound of London sample came from, the theme was the first Snoop Dog song ever commercially released, and it's got POLITICS.