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i am personally responsible for the following horrible things here:


windows xp takeover

cohost place


cohost DOOM

what is cohost listening to?


cohost bbs listening

Ported from/powered by AO3 DOOM

Menu: Esc | ^ v | Enter (Dead? Use Esc menu to restart!)

Move: ^^ Go vv | << Turn >> | << Strafe >>

Action: Start/Stop Shooting | Shoot Once | Open Door

How??? Source | Video for the curious/confused/enraged

Note: This single Doom game is controlled simultaneously by everyone looking at this page!!

Movement controls are toggle-based, so to stop moving, turning, or strafing, click the direction you're already going to stop.

Broken image? The server is still online (probably) but it is very overwhelmed serving lots of simultaneous image streams. Try again, or try again later; good luck!

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