Nicky Flowers


my 8th Annual Summer Single is out!

musician, artist, game player/maker, amateur meteorologist, BBS sysop, nonbinary menace

he cover art for the 8th Annual Nicky Flowers Summer Single, "A Little Bit of Change". A pixelized & dithered picture of my hand holding novelty miniature US coins surrounded by a pink border.

A Little Bit of Change is available now via @neo-detritus.

The instrumental title track is gay, wistful, and the first time an acoustic guitar has made an appearance in one of my recordings! Side B is a song sung by Macintalk's Princess about having brunch on a Saturday morning. Farfisa deliciousness and Buchla weirdness on both tracks.

Pay-what-you-want as always, but I encourage you to throw a few bucks my way if you wanna help me keep the lights on. Regardless, thank you for listening and I hope you enjoy :)