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I like to play drums and its really satisfrying to do a good job on drums but also just worried this is gonna be another thing that adhd introduces me to and then leaves in my house lmao

the more we learn about plants the more unhinged we feel from "reality" as western culture defines it

this is good, generally, but we do just kind of feel like we opened a forbidden book

the exact details of this are hard to articulate, but when you constantly think in terms of deep time and evolution and clades, and obsess over roadside weeds that are invisible to most people

you just start to feel like you're living with your head in a very different world, a better one, while your body is stuck in hell world, dictated by humans

we used to think that "western cultures" were largely "scientific". there are antiscience factions, but nonetheless, we believed it to be driven by "science", given the prevalence of new technologies enabled by science.

but learning plant science has shattered this belief.

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