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"And whosoever shall use to drink milk, because that it is hurtfull to the Gummes and Teeth; for the one it maketh flaccide, and the other subject to putrefaction; must have speciall regard to wash his mouth presently after the drinking of it, with wine or strong Beere, and also to rub the Teeth and Gummes with a dry cloth, for the clensing away the sliminesse of the Milk and for strengthning the Gummes and Teeth." -Tobias Venner, "Via Recta Ad Vitam Longam" ("The Right Way To A Long Life")

You may be having a hard time finding a job you love. You may be having a hard time recovering from chemotherapy. You may be having a hard time coping with the death of your mother.

YOU ARE NOT "having a hard time" accepting your LGBTQ+, trans, etc... granddaughter. You're choosing the lazy route of ignorance and bigotry. Don't confuse your lazy hatred with real struggle.