I like building silly JS things

I'm kind of a Marmite person, in that I'm essentially a byproduct of the brewing industry.

Finally getting around to sharing this project of mine on social media. Pretty sure it's the first relatively "big" project that I've released on my own, and I'm rather happy with how it turned out. Was also a really nice learning experience for me as this was my first project using Vue + Vite.

I was inspired by Studio Playfool's "play-based" design philosophy and really wanted to try it out for myself with this project, which started off as a simple 3D graphing calculator.

Please check it out! If you really like it and want to support further development, then feel free to leave me a tip, as well. Several weeks were spent on this so I hope people enjoy it:

(fun fact: I was able to use this to debug that shader I wrote about a few days ago by graphing the equations I used)