makes 2 Dazzlers.


  • immersion blender or small blender like a magic bullet would work fine
  • bowl or measuring cup (if using an immersion blender). I guess you could put the blender straight in the glass you're gonna drink out of if it fits and you aren't worried about breaking it!


  • handful of frozen fruit- I used strawberries bc I have a huge costco bag but I'm hype to try it with other frozen fruit
  • small amount of citrus juice- ideally lemon/lime juice but could be anything or completely optional
  • some sugar, like a teaspoon
  • a can of spindrift or some other fruity seltzer


  • put fruit, juice, sugar together, add additional water until fruit is mostly covered
  • blend until smooth
  • pour puree into glasses for serving
  • top with bubbly liquid

This rules and I'm gonna make it again! I want to mess with different fruit/seltzer flavors. I think the spindrift is better than a fully-unsweet flavored seltzer for this bc it has some fruit juice it it but customize it to taste! You could obviously add a splash of rum or something to this but tbh it's refreshing without.