community guidelines

last modified june 10, 2022

thanks for using cohost! we ask everyone who uses cohost to follow a few rules to keep cohost a healthy place to share stuff you care about.

if you think you can resolve a problem you’re having with someone’s behavior without getting the site staff involved, we encourage you to. this obviously saves us work, which we appreciate — but, more importantly, early interventions from someone’s friends and acquaintances are way more likely to actually fix someone’s bad behavior than letting it fester until we need to step in. please feel free to get in touch with us if you think it’s something you can’t deal with.

site staff reserves the right to take whatever action deemed necessary if these guidelines are violated, including but not limited to: warnings, temporary suspension, and site bans. all potential violations are manually reviewed by a human being; we do not use any automated systems to take disciplinary action, although we may use automated tooling to help detect certain violations.

all enforcement decisions can be appealed by replying to the enforcement notice, which you will receive at the email you have listed in your account.

this list of guidelines and prohibited behaviors is as complete as we can currently foresee, but we reserve the right to amend it in the future, and we will provide you with notice when we do. conversely, behaviors which are not listed herein are not necessarily endorsed by the staff; we reserve the right to address misbehavior which is not covered by this list.

abuse, harassment, and privacy

  • do not post hateful or violent rhetoric directed toward any group of people on the basis of race, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious affiliation, age, disability, or disease.
    • some users may suffer from photosensitive epilepsy. we encourage everyone to use cohost’s content warning system to hide media with large flashing areas behind a click-through. to be clear, do not post flashing images or video intending to trigger people’s epilepsy “as a joke”; it can cause serious and permanent injury.
  • do not abuse, harass, or threaten others.
    • do not attempt to contact someone who has taken action to stop you from contacting them, either on or off site.
    • do not intentionally refer to another person with incorrect pronouns or a former name/deadname.
  • do not disclose the private information of a person without their consent, particularly (but not limited to) sensitive information like physical addresses, unlisted contact information, and government IDs.
  • do not share intimate photos or videos of a person that were taken without their consent.
  • do not impersonate others in a manner that is intended to, or does, mislead, confuse, or deceive others.
  • do not publish or link to content intended to damage or disrupt another person’s computer or compromise their privacy.

prohibited content

  • do not post content which is illegal in the United States, or use cohost to conduct or facilitate illegal activities.
    • we are required by the DMCA to receive and process reports of copyright infringement from rightsholders and remove it upon a valid report. users who post content removed pursuant to a DMCA report can appeal it. you can find more information about our DMCA policies in our terms of service.
    • we have a moral and legal obligation to detect and remove child sexual exploitation material, and will cooperate fully with law enforcement in prosecuting anyone who posts it.
  • do not post content that actively glorifies or promotes self-harm, terrorism, or human trafficking.
  • do not post content that interferes with the integrity of local, regional, or national public office elections. this includes content designed to intentionally suppress, intimidate, or confuse voters.
  • do not post spam, including but not limited to:
    • repeatedly following users or sharing or liking their posts in order to pester them with notifications;
    • posting large numbers of unwanted mentions or comments on other users’ posts;
    • posting low value content which contains off-site links in an attempt to improve their search engine result ranking;
    • posting sponsored content without disclosing that you are receiving promotional consideration;
    • using an account or page largely to post solicitations to join referral marketing programs, make-money-from-home schemes, multi-level marketing, Ponzi schemes, or the like. we consider pretty much everything going on with cryptocurrency to be in this class of schemes, and uncritically promoting it is a violation of site policy.

adult content

we consider the following things to be adult content which should only be accessible to users 18 and over:

  • pornography or nudity, either photographic or drawn;
  • other material which depicts or describes sexual acts in explicit detail.

for the purposes of this policy, we refer to content which isn’t adult content as all-ages.

unregistered users, and registered users who are under the age of 18, are unable to see posts which are marked adult content. users over the age of 18 can also choose to hide adult content behind a click-through by default, to prevent it from unexpectedly appearing on their screen in public. if you often post adult content from a particular page, you can set it as an adult content page to have its new posts marked as adult content by default to avoid mistakes; even so, you can still mark individual posts from that page as all-ages.

please do not post adult content in the following places:

  • all-ages posts;
  • comments on all-ages posts;
  • your page’s profile picture or header image, even if it is marked as an adult content page. this content shows up in all-ages contexts.

if your page repeatedly or egregiously violates the site’s adult content policy, all of the posts it makes may be marked as adult content automatically, without you being able to unmark them.

site integrity

  • do not sell access to the site in unintended ways:
    • do not “username squat”: register accounts or pages under names you think will be worth money, then sell them.
    • do not sell cohost invitations. cohost isn’t designed to have a cover charge — not to put too fine a point on it, but if it was, we would be selling invitations ourselves — and we want everyone who wants a cohost account to be able to get one for free, even if they have to wait a bit.
  • do not intentionally try to interfere with the operation of cohost itself. if you suspect cohost has a technical issue that could cause problems, please get in contact with us at [email protected] and we’ll work with you to get it fixed; we can’t afford a flashy big-dollar-value bug bounty program yet, but we’re happy to pay you to work as a consultant for your assistance in fixing severe issues.
  • do not evade bans, or otherwise create multiple accounts or pages in an attempt to circumvent the moderation actions of site staff.

behaviors to avoid

  • sharing sensitive content without a descriptive content warning. the staff reserves the right to add or modify content warnings on posts without them, but we won’t lock or ban you for forgetting them. sensitive content includes but is not limited to:
    • depictions of graphic violence or self-harm;
    • depictions of sexual violence of all kinds;
    • depictions of explicit racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or other bigotry in a documentary capacity (actually espousing these beliefs is prohibited);
    • depictions of abuse, particularly of children or animals;
    • depictions of drug use and abuse;
    • gross-out or shock content. a good rule of thumb is to not post without a content warning something that you or your friends wouldn’t appreciate seeing without a heads-up first.
  • posting or reposting other people’s content without attribution.
    • if the content you want to share is already on cohost, please use the built-in share feature to boost it instead of reposting it.
    • if it’s not, make sure you link back to an original source. if the creator asks you to remove your post, change where you’re linking, or anything else, you should listen to them.
    • IMPORTANT TO NOTE: if your page repeatedly violates this, or is built around unsourced posting, we may ban you.
  • sharing the content of private conversations with someone’s identity attached without a good reason.
    • it’s okay to call out really harmful behavior; it’s okay to laugh at something weird someone said if you post it without a name attached; it’s okay to anonymously amplify your friends’ good jokes from their alt pages. but please use discretion.
  • trying to downplay bad behavior with “it’s just a joke” when said behavior was not even a little bit funny. we reserve the right to determine what “funny” is.

if you have questions about anything listed here, please email us at [email protected] and we’ll do our best to help!