#Better Call Saul

since my last post, i have begun a new godot project and i did almost what i promised i would. i made a functional inventory system and i made the better call saul sex toilet with it. the toilet is it's own scene, with a cube animated by the physics system to drop into the water and it speaks lines recorded by my dear friend jane. she used my name because i thought i'd want these lines as an easter egg in the full game but i hadnt realized how disgusting this'd be and now i regret even developing the toilet. i think theres something really special about Me making something that bothers Me. i hate the sounds the toilet makes. jane recorded a small wooden cube falling into the toilet in our home, and spliced her lines after the splooshes she made. it was all for me and im repulsed and regretful. just think its cool

somewhat related to a game making one Uncomfortable rather than necessarily scared, i've begun to get into unreality series online such as Diminished and Petscop and The June Archive. i really really like the idea that nostalgia is a kind of vulnerability through which you can be harmed. the 24/7 barrage of marvel shit around me has me stuck feeling like the gen x'ers and millenials around me never grew up, all this media is geared towards every group possible and also specifically the people who grew up with superhero concepts, who have money now. not to imply that millenials have much money, mostly im referring to gen x. well anyway im sick of the nostalgia and i want to make something that kinda burns it.

i think slenderman had a nasty fall from grace, its denied it's importance in near history because lets players got sick of the fad super fast. does slenderman have substance? not really. every attempt to add backstory to it has failed, all anyone can do is vaguely throw lovecraftian shit at the wall and hope something sticks. the proxies, the operator sickness, the camera bugging, that stuff is cool n all. has real world effects. but Slenderman never does any of it, he just fucking stands there. the tentacles dont do a goddamn thing the whole time. they see PLENTY OF USE IN THE PORN, but thats another topic. i want to make an original character deeply inspired by slenderman, but with personal intent behind it so it has a backstory that's both sympathetic and scary.

watching The June Archive, i really liked how the memory parasite was portrayed as some thing you got infected by just by knowing it exists. i was deeply entrenched in the flipnote hatena when i was a kid, i loved that community, so the june archive hits harder by how many fuckin flipnotes i recognized from when i was a kid. its like, none of that is safe now, i forgot them all and thats killing them. i dont think slenderman should be like "killed" in my game, i dont think im gonna replace him. i think my game should show slenderman morphing into my OC, and i think the game should start out looking like a dinky unity game like the eight pages, but over time morph into my own thing.

i think what i'll do is make the game start in a forest, where you collect The Eight Pages. except during the page hunt, you find a few tapes that suggest there's more to the forest than what it seems. i want the player to realize, you can skip the pages entirely. after you collect a tape and go to a safe landmark, im thinking a firewatch tower, you can run to another landmark that will have a hatch to go into some kind of underground tunnel network, and i want slenderman to morph slightly. make it a little goatier. and in this tunnel network you turn on generators to restore power and you can find flashlight batteries. but you find phones down here with text messages, that suggest something under this. and you go down there and it's a prison or something. and basically you go and go lower n lower, picking up Eight s or discovering there's actually more to discover. i want to do like two or three underground layers before shit gets abstract.

when it gets weird, i want the inventory to start displaying garbled text for your different items. "phones" or "tapes" or "letters" or "notes" or "discs" they'll all act the same. you pick em up, you cant safely interact with them yet, you get somewhere safe and you get the meat inside the pumpkin. pages, generators, keys, plushies, whatever collectables will also behave the same and ultimately be irrelevant. there will be benefits to picking these up, i dont want to pull an eight pages where the AI gets more aggressive until it just becomes annoying. there will be gameplay benefits to collecting more of these items that let you balance in power with the monster, but the game will always remain relatively easy such that you wont get fucked over too often. i'll also have checkpoints at the start of every level so you can die and come back somewhere safe.

this is a lot of bs because its late and ive got a nasty headache and im feeling really inspired rn. love the idea of the death of nostalgia. i also really like the idea of the game being extremely personal to sole individuals like petscop and diminished, would let me tell a much more personal story and kinda put players into positions as family or friends of mine that im addressing the game to. idk, lots of ideas and cohost has to hold them for me. i should get a pen and paper for this sorta thing lol. im going to bed now, so heres that youtube video with proof of progress. this was like, barely a godot diary it was more a slenderman diary lawl

ok so i suggested this to zac as a bit and it's actually sorta fucked up how well this worked with how the rest of the better call saul season 1 finale goes

I am going to be on the fucking hunt for Mr. Show/Saul parallels now. If David Cross or Paul F Tompkins show up I'm going to poop myself.

ive never seen better call saul
but ive made it my headcanon that mr. show takes place after better call saul where saul switches careers to become a comedian