Cohost profile now activated! 🥳

Hi! I'm CD, a gamedev, among other things.

No clue exactly what I'm going to be posting here, but I already like it better than Twitter (not even going to bother comparing other social media). It's probably going to change soon, but the vibes I've been getting have been lots of fellow code nerds and trans support + queer positivity.

Ofc, that could be because I'm mainly just following the devs...but I'll take it!

not that it actually has increased by 50 a day every day (seems to have been 200 a day for a few days before hitting 250 today), but assuming every day there's 50 more activated than the previous as a new normal and that we're at 250 a day now, to hit 10000 of those in the queue it's gonna be half a month (~16 days)

if it only goes up by 50 every other day that's 21 days waiting to hit 10000

so basically years in internet time

it will be like this for so long

I forgot to check whether either of those names existed and fortunately one doesn't and the other is a noun All Characters Are Fictional Any Resemblance To Real Life Chosters Is Coincidence

donate now to fund care packages (printouts of the best chosts, eggbug plushie) for all the SOs left out in the cold

@staff only you can save them by adding invite links

i enjoy the site and see potential. but friends who would want to try it see their place in line and the incredibly slow activation rate and rightfully stop giving a shit, forget, or get actively annoyed by it.

i wouldn't have gotten activated with a few other friends if not for catching a random invite link drop.

i do very much understand the need to not overtax the staff's ability to moderate, and I understand why it's being done as it is, but if it keeps going like this even people like me who want to like it here won't be here because none of our friends are here.

it's my understanding at launch those already here got personal invite links to hand to friends, i think this needs to happen again for those here now. there are over ten thousand people waiting in line and that's both a wonderful number of users wanting to try this site and intimidating to look at from a moderation perspective, but there should be a better way than just waiting even if people can see where they are in line now.

remember when we said we were gonna bump the number we activate per day over time? still true. everyone keeps staying on their best behavior which means our moderation workload is tiny which means more of you get to post. best of all worlds!

also, since we haven't mentioned it in a while, please consider checking out and subscribing to cohost Plus!. cohost is entirely supported by users like you! thanks!