#ask jae anything

Anonymous asked:
if you were gonna make a video game, what kind of genre/gameplay would it be? (indifferent to if you think you could actually actually make it, because making games is hard)
i have exactly one (1) game idea that i have been slowly rotating for years now. my issue basically boils down to "i am not a game designer, and while i have a sizable worldbuilding doc and story, i don't have a great sense of what the game part is."

i am also stubborn and kind of insist on doing everything myself, despite only being good enough at a few things, which means it will likely never actually be made.

Q. why don't you just write a book or short story or something
A. i am not a very good writer

Q. can you tell us more about it
A. absolutely not

Q. is it kind of cringe (affectionate)
A. you better fuckin believe it


Anonymous asked:
iirc, you ran a masto instance back in the day. did that experience guide you when you were figuring out what you wanted cohost to be?
you do recall correctly!

short answer: yes

long answer: i have rewritten this like 6 times and every time it ends up being like 2k words that could be a separate Thoughts On Mastodon post, which i will probably actually publish at some point but not in this ask.

hope this helps!


Anonymous asked:
thoughts about moving tags to the not white part of the post so i can more effectively ✨AESTHETIC✨ post? I get the sense that theres some UI overhaul planned somewhere far down the line once more features are added?
you're right on the second part! there's some bits of the site design that are starting to reach their breaking point, so we're going to be reconsidering some of those aspects rather than trying to force them into working.

we actually had the tags as part of the post footer initially, but it was kind of confusing and illegible so we moved it to where it is now. i realize this isn't ideal from an aesthetics standpoint, but given that CSS posting wasn't even intentional necessarily, it wasn't part of the consideration there. we might change it at some point.