i've put together all my books/cds/records into my car, packed in paper bags with tape, moved down to my car. then i remember that going up two flights of stairs is more than twice as hard as going down one. i'm moving <15min away from my current spot. my fibro does have that Post Exertional Malaise thing going hard, but i wasn't able to take it even as slow as i should've. i get migraines when i stress my body too much. the people at my new place seem nice. i missed this town. it's kind of an island... i'm worried that i'll get isolated out here, i have to drive a lil further to see people i love. my first floor neighbor has a bunch of junk cars, there's some motorbikes around, people hang out on the weekends and smoke cigarettes and drink beer, there's a gay couple on the first floor that's the good stuff. there's a dog who seems unhappy, and lots of stairs. that's the bad stuff. i hope i'll be able to unmask around them soon, but probably not. i know which room i want to be my sleeping room and which one will be my computer room. didn't feel like there was enough light in there, but it's it also needs my stuff hung up. i gotta build some shelves. it's an attic apt, so it gets light from all directions, but the windows are small. i'm in and out of the vet trying to help my cat with a (non-life-threatening) problem. i have a lot to be grateful for, and i know it's gonna feel sad-then-good once i've settled in. right now it's just complicated.

Here's a semi-blog post I guess; I've been thinking about gender. Not really, like, especially recently, but just in general, I think about gender a good bit. Probably more than normal...? But if I'm going to have recurring thing to think about, at least this is one that generally leads to better understandings of myself, and there's no way I could avoid having any repeatedly recurring thoughts. Uh, long post below the read more, mostly rambling, didn't really review this or edit it either so beware my impossible to follow natural sentence structure if it popped up anywhere.

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