It's kind of hard to share code in a way that is interesting so enjoy this documentation, I guess.

In the process of spending past month on and off moving over to Dialogue System for Unity from Fungus I have cleaned up, converted over, and documented our dice roll script.

Here are a few notes...

  • Supports as many dice per roll as you can shove into a string.
  • Supports mixing and matching the sides of dice in each roll.
  • Allows adding Dialogue System Number variables as modifiers to the roll.
  • Currently is a hidden roll (can't display UI for what was rolled, only outputs the result of the roll). I plan to add support for visuals in the future, it's just not a requirement for my current project.

Check it out over on Github

This week at work I have been having some TREMENDOUS issues with getting our projects to build/run locally. Files would randomly get locked, preventing the compiler from working. I would have missing assembly references that no one else was seeing. DLLs could not be compiled, for seemingly no good reason. I asked my entire team. All were stumped.

Then someone (on another team) asked me what terminal I was using. "Powershell", I said, stupidly. I was gently asked to use something, anything, else.

So I did, using gitbash to run the gradle commands. And et voila! It worked. Why? No idea, but the recommender thought he saw some weird "windows-only" configurations in the gradle.setting file, so he had a hunch.

Dev work is weird, man.