OK so I tried to update Joomla back in may and the upgrade completely did not work and broke ALL my shit. So I've basically had no website, which is okay, I don't think people actually check my website for stuff these days.

But, what I will say, is that I have made the irrational decision to build the replacement from the ground up using the youtube API so that i can't possibly fuck up an upgrade like that again. This has reminded me that I hate javascript oh so very much.

Anyway here's some things I did today including: building an extra layer into my personal flask setup so as to obscure my youtube api credentials & make pulling out the fields I need far simpler because the youtube api sucks ass.

it's not done but its 7 PM and i don't wanna look at javascript or css anymore.

I've been mashing up some older web experiments, and in particular a few small painting programs. One thing I've always wanted from paint programs is to change the brush settings during a brush stroke - so I started hooking up some LFOs to brush settings, and I'm thinking about adding MIDI controller support. Treating it like a synth just seems to make sense. [above image is modulating the RGB values and paint "density"] I was thinking about maybe a simple visual programming/node setup for hooking up LFOs.