#cohost api

well hey it's eggbug-rs, a rust client to the cohost API designed for writing bots. it supports creating/editing/sharing/deleting posts and uploading attachments (edit: now with alt text!)

this is the client that makes @the-future-of-football work and is also responsible for most of the posts on @iliana-test

feel free to use the code to learn about how the API is shaped for your own projects! :eggbug:

  1. the post editor splits your markdown on double newlines (\n\n) and makes them each a separate "block". you don't have to do this in your client, but if you don't, the "read more" folds (---) won't work.
  2. the post editor puts your post in draft mode while it's uploading attachments. this makes sense.

anyway eggbug-rs changes. maybe now that this has had some more battle testing with @the-future-of-football i should publish it on crates.io?