#cohost plus

cohost plus features

  • The option to change your background, text, and profile colors (the "you can customize your sidebar" update on Pillowfort actually generated interest and Cohost's profile already allows a lot of customization possibilities). If this is meant to eventually roll out as a thing for everyone I think having it early would still fill a great desire of humanity.
  • One of the features WorldAnvil offers to their Grandmaster sub tier is "you can use CSS to style your pages." The top subscription tier equivalent is "you may commit CSS crimes on your pages, as defined by the law of the land."
  • Subscribing awards you your own eggbug, you can pick its color and expression and toggle a thing to have it live somewhere cute on your page. Maybe it could look delighted but confused and do random tricks when you click it, like "oscillate at high speeds" and "rainbow gradient drop shadow" or "print customizable text message." An Easter eggbug, if you w
  • I'm not saying people would buy hats, etc. to further customize their eggbug or provide it with enrichment and comfort but also as a sometime marketer of cosmetic microtransaction items I am saying that.

people finding stuff on the site

  • Hear me out: a webring. Basically instead of a "You Might Like" suggestion thing users can opt in to join a big group of people who don't mind having their pages suggested, and people could choose to go to a random page or pick from the list and then from that page go to the next page in the list, and so on.
  • Can follow tags and have any post in that tag automatically show up on your dashboard. (Basically the same as bookmark except a good option for people who don't want to remember to check and makes tags more viable for promoting stuff.)

people coming in from outside the site
I rambled about this in a comment yesterday (apologies to OP), but not being able to see adult content unless you're logged in is the reason I don't recommend WorldAnvil to every porn artist with a storytelling bent I know; the first thing they'll say is that nobody is going to take the effort to sign up for a site they have otherwise never heard of just to look at one picture of tits they found kinda interesting. (Cohost is better for this than WA because that's not a social media site and there isn't a strong reason to sign up unless you have a specific purpose for being there).

WA staff are discussing this after someone raised it as a suggestion, and the case I made over there applies here, too: a login requirement mostly discourages curiosity clicks and people who aren't dedicated to seeing the thing. This is great if the person following your link is a minor, and the opposite of what you want if they're an adult you're promoting your work to. Responsible adult creators posting links to their work on other sites are already taking extra steps to make sure they're promoting adult material only to their intended audience. As far as I know, a prompt to confirm your birthdate would use the same information a login does to determine whether or not you can access a post (and the age block still limits the on-site circulation and discovery of 18+ posts to adults).

  • send good Cohost stuff to your friends and be like "haha did you see this chost" and when they're like "what's a chost" you can tell them.

  • send eggbug to your friends and be like "haha did you see this eggbug?"

  • put eggbug on camera when people are correctly showing off their pets instead of doing a Teams meeting.