what's your favourite piece of cursed media (e.g., the ring tape) that feels actually legitimately cursed

a luna moth, grainy, blurry, cell phone image form 2010

in high school I watched The Mothman Prophesies and I was like "ok, yeah that was alright... pretty freaky it claims to be 'based on actual events...'" and went off to the computer to put more music on my Zune and decompress from the spookiness (i was not the veteran horror buff i am today...)

well. shortly after I sat down at the family computer desk, I started to hear the sound of a crow cawing aggressively through the little speakers. goosebumps started to cover my arms.

Read More at first I thought it was a pop-up ad running in a browser tab. but it kept going after I closed the browser. so I look at the other programs running; nothing had audio playing.

I thought maybe the songs I'd been listening to had some crap embedded in them (as they were almost certainly from limewire) but when i scrubbed back through the music the cawing was not consistent in its timing, it wasn't baked into anything. I remember checking that despite the fact that I'd had this music for a while and had never heard any weird bird caws... I thought maybe they'd gotten corrupted somehow. it was something like rilo kiley or bright eyes or some other tellingly hipster music. early lisa hannigan? damian rice? gregory and the hawk?

so then I close everything down, no programs running, I disconnect the internet completely (ethernet ofc), and there is still the sound of birds cawing through my speakers. I start to get a pretty freaked out by then, and call my dad into the room to confirm I'm not just hearing things. to my relief, I wasn't the only one who could hear it.

I remember feeling particularly spooked because of the way Mothman had been portrayed as being able to commandeer electronics for communication; was he sending a warning? should i avoid crossing paths with a murder of crows? i avoided looking out the windows which were pitch black; we lived on a dirt road in the woods in arkansas.

I think we ended up shutting down the computer, unplugging it, plugging it back in, and restarting it. whatever it was that we did, the crowing didn't come back. it only happened the once, that night, after watching the movie.

when i rewatched TMP as an adult a few years ago (I think it was back in Seattle before the pandemic started) I remembered being like "alright, here we go; will The Mothman send the sound of crows to my laptop speaker, confirming he was indeed behind the crows cawing in the family PC?"

he did not. and the movie did not hold up very well, in my super sophisticated and cultured horror buff opinion...

according to the caption on this Luna Moth picture I originally uploaded in 2010:

The night I watched it, I was later listening to music in Zune on my computer (before I moved on to iPod) and out of nowhere, the sound of crows starts coming out of the speakers, and I paused the song, and looked around for an add popup online or something, and didn't find anything, but I exed out of the browser, and started the song over, and the noise happened in a different spot. I tried a ton of songs and each one made weird noises. I hope Zune was just being glitchy at a very creepily coincidental time, because, 1. I am not crazy :l and 2. I am not superstitious.

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