It will not be a 14-session campaign like Spire was, so while I do plan on writing another Cohost post about my experiences, I have also been thinking about checking out Wanderhome by Jay Dragon and Wagon Wheel by W.L. Marigold. These all present laid-back experience of travelling, so I expect it to be a nice experience.

That said I also have been thinking about Claims grids on BitD/FitD Crew sheets (and analogues). I know that Untitled Dungeon Game by @Partheniad (a friend of mine) is going to include a crew sheet as a town, and I've been tipped off to Songs for the Dusk by Kavita Poduri and Neon Black by Michael Elliot as other games using the claims grid to center communities in a similar way.

Not to leave you with disconnected thoughts, I think these are two questions I have lingering from Spire that I want to explore in other systems. In Spire, and other action-heavy roleplaying games with no concrete phases, roleplaying exchanges between characters have to, imo, keep to the pace of the action. Conversations are dramatic because they need to get out of the way from the plot, and the characters are interesting in that they choose what they will and won't say. I hope I can enjoy the time relaxing in leisurely games of roaming. Claims grids are also a more structured approach to the hideout rules in Spire's expansion "The Magisters Guide," and I wonder how the harder game-rule approach to box-filling will feel different.

I'm excited to share the game I have been working on, Forged in the Dungeon, is available now!

Forged in the Dungeon is a game about a group of adventurers and their adventuring guild. There are adventures, political intrigue, spelunking, dangerous monsters, powerful magic, deceptions, betrayals, victories, and deaths.

You play to find out if the fledgling guild can thrive and if the adventurers can realize their drives amidst the teeming threats of rival guilds, powerful gods, strange magic, and deadly monsters.

Forged in the Dungeon is heavily influenced by high fantasy games like Dungeons and Dragons 3.5E/5E and Dungeon World. At its core the game is Forged in the Dark and uses the Blades in the Dark system with additional systems from Beam Saber.

Forged in the Dungeon is still in development and many of the systems you are hoping for will be added over time as play tests continue.

You can get it now at https://labawesome.itch.io/forged-in-the-dungeon