screenshot of the recipe with "at least 3 hours chilling and 25 hours resting" highlighted
view of the whole cake with a few slices cut away
side view of a slice of cake with 4 layers of cake with alternating cream filling and cherry preserves between them, and a layer of filling on the outside, topped with crumbs

Shanah tova! I saw this recipe and was immediately intrigued because it's a very old recipe and also Weird. It features cake layers that are more like cookies until they spend at least a day (but preferably two) at room temperature soaking up the cream filling, which is largely made of cream of wheat and doesn't remotely resemble anything you would normally fill or ice a cake with until it's had time to sit, for some reason. The end result is soft, rich, and very fall-tasting, with the main flavors being vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, and cardamom. Also it has a LOT of butter (i used earth balance to make a dairy free version, which threw off the color a little but still tastes great). The middle layer is sour cherry preserves, which balances out the rest of the cake really nicely.