An aerial shot of the dungeon's courtyard area

Hard at work on the next dungeon(2). Currently I am testing a layout for the big courtyard at the middle of the compound. You will have to interact with a puzzle here to proceed but it's not gonna be too annoying (i hope).

The general idea is to have a "two-faced" dungeon which is why the monster theme is reptilian and why this large japan-inspired compound will hide a terrible lab beneath. It's very on the nose but I'm not a good enough writer to even try to be clever. I also think that this is the wrong game for clever writing.

Progress has been steady and fast, mostly due to my friends hyping it up as though it's actually gonna be a good game. Still about a 3/4ths of the dungeon to go but the toolset is a lot faster with interior areas so it'll be a lot less painful than the outsides. (I have to manually toggle each tiles' floor/ceiling on or off :( )

That's about it for now, I'm chugging along. Hoping to have the second dungeon done by the end of the month but most likely it'll be a bit after that because I'm lazy.

A player reported they waited 15 minutes for one auto battle to take place in the bird game. To be fair, there's only one auto battle per run, so might as well make it last. But it's no fun at all.

Admitting my failures: I tweaked the cooldown for attacks right before publishing and didn't actually test if it worked. The tweak was to make the auto battle go faster, but evidently something terrible went wrong.

Doing this as a form of personal accountability - posting about the game I'm making into the void of the internet and telling myself that someone out there is reading this and judging me if I don't make substantial progress on a weekly basis!



So far it's been a few months of development based on some random ideas that I've had. Lots of futzing around with Unity and learning about what I should and shouldn't do in a trial and error way. I had the basic gist of a game idea coming along: Turning FFXIV raids into a single player experience while still maintaining something that needs multiple people to resolve specific mechanics without death.


I've gotten a bit tired of implementing something, tearing it down, and then implementing something else.

There's definitely a precarious line to balance between designing too much ahead of time and spending time on prototyping, but lately I've leaned far too much towards the latter. Now that I have more of a solid idea of what I want to do and some tangible experience with Unity, I think it's well worth the time to actually do some form of a design document. Unfortunately there's not much interesting to actually show there, and I'm still not done with it, so this post ends on a bit of a boring note, but at least it exists.